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Need an interior designer?

A large part of the role of an interior designer is focusing on space planning rather than just decorating and placing furniture in a room.  

An interior designer is your best choice if you’re working on a remodel and require guidance beyond aesthetics. 

We can help you redesign your space from the ground up, as well as navigating day-to-day details like working with contractors. 

With our extensive interior design experience, we can help style any property to its full potential.

With a unique eye for detail and exceptional sense of vision, we can offer exquisite, bespoke design packages, whether that be for interior furnishings or accessories, kitchens, bathrooms, outside spaces and more; all for competitive prices.

Through experience, we have found that tasteful interiors help to not only accentuate home living, but increase the saleability and desirability of a property. 

Consultations based on the Isle of Wight are free and we offer our services to the rest of England.

Why Us?

We maintain commendable relationships with various trades and suppliers such as builders’ merchants and  furniture suppliers; this helps to enable us to recommend the best within their sectors and achieve keener prices. 

We style properties and sell luxury furnishings cheaper than the recommended retail price. 

We can save you significant time and effort in congregating and materialising designs, alleviating any of the stresses you may otherwise experience. 

We will keep you informed of every step of the project and strongly value client satisfaction. 

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