About Us

Wooldridge Interiors is an innovative Island based company managed by a friendly and diligent mother and daughter duo passionate and enthralled by all that is design and property related. After both being diagnosed with various autoimmune illnesses ‘Wooldridge Interiors’ was prompted. As a determined and conscientious team, the duo strives to deliver high standards and are always eager to conquer challenges. #autoimmuneawareness

Meet Wendy!

Wendy has extensive experience gained from a variety of building projects, design, sales, service management and education roles. As a creative designer, Wendy has an eye for detail, colour and tone coordination and has an ability to manage costs and control budgets where needed. Interior design and landscaping came naturally to her from her experiences gained from several building projects. Wendy is fuelled by her passion for design and property, understanding the nuances of different era’s. “I love building houses and furnishing them to a high standard”- Wendy.

Meet Sabrina!

From years of observing her mother design and curate self-build developments, design and property has always been of keen interest for Sabrina. From working within finance and property sectors, Sabrina also has a very grounded understanding of budgets and investments. Despite achieving an overall average of 94% in her first and second years of her Mathematics & Statistics degree, Sabrina decided to collaborate her skills with her mothers to form 'Wooldridge Interiors'. In addition to being highly numerically literate, Sabrina would also consistently achieve top grades within Art, Design and Science subjects. "I wanted to establish a business that could encompass all of my skills whilst also managing my autoimmune conditions"- Sabrina.